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how I can disable EAS after fitting coil springs

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Hi, does anyone now how I can disable EAS after fitting coil springs so as not to display any errors on the dash I have tried removing fuses to switch but get a fuse error and ABS error I have a Rovacom lite but have asked there and it cannot be done from there,I believe when you purchase a full kit of springs a jumper is supplied to do this, as I have just springs I need to fool the system to thing every think is honkydory :evil: any clues please.

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Home page has directions or use search for this forum
Will Tillery had posted this on a different site. Not sure if it works but if it does tell us here because i would like to know.

HOW TO DISARM THE EAS LIGHT ON P38 MODELS WITHOUT SPENDING big bucks on the override module.

1. Locate the EAS module under drivers seat..Below the trans control ecu.
2. Disconnect the connector from the module.
3. Locate the Blue wire with Pink stripe.
4. Cut the wire in step 3 and find a permanent ground.
5. Locate the Blue wire with White Stripe and temporarily ground.
6. Turn the ignition to position 2. "right before turning over"
7. Listen for the audible alert then remove the temp grounded wire (blue/white).
8. Tape up the end of this wire (blue/white) to avoid shorts.

Wahlah! You have EAS Manual.
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This topic has been discussed many times here as far back as 2006.

http://www.rangerovers.net/rrupgrades/s ... l#easfault


don't cut, it'll just infuriate the next owner when he reverses the castration. just put in the jumper wires.
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