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Lady backed into me while I was stopped in line leaving a busy parking lot. Literally watched her get into her car and back into me🤦‍♂️. Called cops, he asked for our licenses and she said she didn't have one and when he asked why I think she mumbled "it got taken away"....

Anyways, she has State Farm and it seems like they are covering the repairs to my car, said I can get an estimator come to my house to look at it or I can choose any repair shop for the repair. If it's in network, they'd send an estimator package before I got to the repair shop. I don't want it repaired, I want to collect the money, so I told them I'd read reviews and get back to them aka get the highest quote 🙃

First shop was renovating and didn't get back to me. Next two shops quoted $3400. Fourth shop told me the door can be repaired but the metal on top of the front wheel + bumper is alumnium and would need to be replaced, $4800 tab. First shop finally got back to me at the same time and said the said, replacement, $6000 quote. Fifth place I went to was the only place not "in network" was literally a garage in someone's back yard and he didn't even give me a quote because he said State Farm wasn't going to pay for parts replaced. Then again this is a meth head and I wouldn't trust him either lol.

Anyways, how good are insurance companies (especially State Farm) with doing payouts? Do they usually just pay out, or will they haggle or say no?

The car given the year and mileage is probably only worth $20k and if you are more than 20 feet away then you probably won't even notice it. But it is a Range Rover and I think they know if I get it fixed it'll more than likely end up being more than the quote so they should just cut a check?
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