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how do you prevent eas from lowering to access

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I have a 99 range rover when I shut off truck and get out the vehicle
the eas lowers itself to I guess access height. I would like to stop
this from happening. Seems like alot of unnecessary wear on valves and
compressor. Is there a way to prevent the truck from lowering other than leaving
a door open. thanks Mike
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sounds like you have leaks, the EAS should not automatically go to access just because you stop the engine. If there are some leaks, it will try to keep itself level and end up on the bumpstops, sometimes quickly. Next time you get out, leave a door open and see if a corner (or the whole thing) lowers, then start searching for your leaks.

If it doesn't move with the door open), then you likely need to start with a height sensor calibration.
It doesnt leak to bad I believe. It was sitting at the airport for four
days and it came back to normal height in about 10 sec.
When i get out with engine out and close doors you can
hear the valves cycling open and letting air out to acess height
and it will sit like that for days. I just want to know if there
is any method of shutting truck off and getting out that will
not lower it. thanks.
Any leak is bad. Your compressor will burn out faster which of course is much more expensive than fixing the leak. So to answer your repeat question see shupak's responce.
Apparently, you can do it if you have a pre-Bosch fuse box. There is a description how in the EAS Troubleshooting thread sticky.
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