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Houston RRC spotted

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Spotted this RRC in Houston on the I10 in heavy commuter traffic yesterday. Driven by a well dressed older gentleman. Being a Houston RRC owner myself this is the first time I spotted one in Houston (or south coast) in the wild like that.

Demon Fictional character Illustration Batman Supernatural creature

I don't think they are very popular on this side of the USA where domestic pickups rule. In Austin there is the Dutch Safari Company representing at least some RRCs in Texas..

And I took this picture driving my LR3 using my new Pixel 3 phone, which I must say does do pictures very well indeed! I know it looks a bit plasticy but this is straight out of the phone! It was so good I had to blur the license plate afterwards!
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Essex Boys blue is a rare color on this side of the pond.
Really nice to see one clean and shiny on the road. That blue looks great.
I've spotted only 4 other Classics in Houston in the 4 years I've lived here, definitely a rare beast round these parts!
I suppose that makes for at least 3 confirmed Classics in Houston! Now we got to find nr 4.
One in Galveston, mine.
Ok roverman, i will be hAunting galveston Island april 10 - 15, I'll see if I find your RRC. I unfortunately wont be in my 88. have to fly down and back
I was in Houston /Victoria
Area last year for a week or so
And I didn’t see any classic rovers
At all
Was sat in traffic yesterday in my Rangie and the chap next to me was tooting his horn and giving me the thumbs up, he asked if I could roll down my passenger window and I said "sorry it's broken!". He gave me a knowing nod and said "I've got one too!".
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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