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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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2004 4.4 V8 VOGUE, 221000KM
I was replacing the entire sending unit because the fuel on the other side of the tank was not transfered to the fuel pump and when I was removing it as the car had almost half tank of fuel I had to reach in and remove the fuel gauge and the pipes I found that the petrol was very hot as if it was boiled like tea water, is this normal temp when the fuel circulates through the engine? or is there an issue that might be causing the fuel to heat up?

I also replaced the throttle body because sometimes when I am at a stop light the car would start to lose power and the revs go so low and no response from the throttle until it finally dies when I restart the car it runs fine (although sometimes it runs rough and dies until I restart again) DTC showed fuel running too lean, I cleared it after replacing the throttle body, it rarely happened when the car was moving at speed, the temp gauge is at center so I do not think this might be an engine overheating issue

any ideas?
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