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Hello all,

About a week ago, I noticed my hood doesn’t open but my 2003 Range Rover isn’t my daily driver so i didn’t pay much attention until a couple days ago I went to change the battery and remember about my issue. I went on a couple forums on here that told me to remove the panel and the footrest panel as well. My wire broke literally right at the latch but the issue I’m most having is that no matter how hard I pull on the wire even after removing the lever mechanism completely and just having the broken wire hanging the hood still won’t open. I also read that you can open the hood from the passenger side panel but I don’t know what I’m looking for or what to fish for. I also heard about jus sticking a screwdriver threw the grill and opening that way as well but any help would be appreciated in this situation as I can’t open my hood to put a battery in my car. The last resort I would want to do is break my grill
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