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Hood insulation?

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At any point in time, did the hood come with insulation underneath? I have a US 91 and it did not. Is it necessary?
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most likely not. Heck the 95 P38s across the pond did not come with hood pads. All 96 P38s came with them.
that's good to know...one less thing to worry about. Any benefit of having one?
Are you referring to the noise adsorbing “fleece” on the underside of the hood/bonnet for quieting engine noise? My UK 1985 classic had it fitted

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My Classic has the bonnet/hood insulation. I guess it helps with noise but if we have a hot summer like we did last year I might take it off for the summer
Manish, what year Classic? Please your year and engine to your signature field... it's just a few fields above your location field
I’m gonna say yes
Both of my '88s had/have it.

Part number MXC5027

Its not just noise. It protects the bonnet paint and lacquer from heat (to some extent)
My 92 County had it but it was pretty much dust so I removed it. I'm thinking of putting some aftermarket sound deadening in there though. I just put a set of headman headers on and now I get a lot more valvetrain noise in the cabin.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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