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Hitch tongue weight capacity

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Hi, if there's an existing thread about this please point me to it...

I have a 2017 RRS V8SC with the factory installed trailer hitch. I've read through the section in the manual with respect to tongue weight capacity and am confused that for hitch mounted accessories the limit is 147 lbs. What?

I have a 275 dirt bike and have ordered a ~60lb hitch carrier figuring that set up would not be an issue considering how much weight this beast can tow. I thought it'd be a good idea to check the manual and now am wondering if I'll need to return the hitch carrier.

Any feedback/experience would be greatly appreciated.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert here. Consult your dealer first.

Isn't this tongue weight, not ball mounted weight? Unless you're mounting it on the hitch ball, which would be strange.

you should be working against a ~750 lb limit (771 for me)

Looking here: https://www.discountramps.com/are-motorcycle-carriers-safe/a/b80/ they measure thus: "[h=3]VEHICLE SAFETY AND TOWING CAPACITY[/h]When considering which carrier is right for you, it’s important to factor in the towing capacity of your vehicle. A 1994 Honda Civic is not the vehicle you want to use when towing your bike cross country. Your vehicle must be able to handle the weight of both the carrier and the bike. Since the carrier hangs off the hitch, all of the weight will be “tongue weight”. Typically large trucks and SUVs are required to accommodate this high tongue weight."

Netronium, though my dealer confirmed I'm good to go up to 770lbs I still didn't understand the 147lb limit part if it. Thank you for clarifying that 147lb figure is for "ball mounted accessories". I'm not even sure what that would be! I feel even more comfortable about the whole thing now. Looking forward to getting that hitch carrier and my bike up onto it.

Thanks again
Other than making a bad pulp fiction reference I’m not sure myself. ? although, I suspect that given the carrier would mount into the hitch with a pin the car could carry far more that way and something just suspended on the ball - the leverage there would be considerably more against the frame than something sleeving into the hitch

I’m glad it will work our for you, enjoy!
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