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hi -i have an annoying issue with a high pitch sqeaking from the engine area. it is worse in the cold. also it does go away about 15 minutes after the drving the car so its hard to show dealer the noise. any ideas? is it a belt that be lubricated?

also does the sunroof have an express close feature? right now i have to hold forward to sunroof button to close it.

i also have the a/c humming issue but looks like vladid solve it.

i also have the bizzare electrical issues (fuel indicator reading empty then correct, transmission warning out of blue, rear tv going out) but stopping the carand restarting it fixes it. should i be worried? do i need a new batttery?


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The noise could be a multitude of things...

An old belt that is on its way out
An oil leak that is dripping onto a belt/pulley and burns off after 15 mins etc
A failing pulley bearing that is ok once warm
Alternator struggling to meet demand when battery is low and heated things are on (mine has a bit of a squeak on start up when I put seats, screen and s/wheel on)
A/C compressor - when was the last time you had the A/C serviced? The oil in the comp' needs replacing every few years.
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