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Hi. I've not got a Land Rover at the moment. I've had two of my kids get married, not to one another, but it would have been cheaper, in the last two years so my current car has got to last a while yet. I've got my heart set on a Disco 4. I've driven one recently and was struck by its quality. My wife was impressed so that's the main barrier down.

I'm a bit of a nerd for Formula 1. Most people seem to think I'm a complete nerd but they've never been at Club during the British GP and talked to those there. I mean, some of them are really strange.

My main sport is rugby union. I must be a nerd for that as I know the offside law, and better than some refs. My younger son played for England under 19s against Australia. And beat them. He led his team out as captain.

I've been keen on cars all my life but with four kids I haven't had much spare cash to indulge my tastes. Since they've become independent, or as near as they'll ever be, I've had a TVR Chimaera and three Mercs, including a 3.5 171 SLK. If you think Land Rovers are unreliable, have a chat with me some time about my SLKs. My favourite car was my 1947 MG TC.

I write, mainly SEO copy for websites, but I've also written a few e-books, one on the Rover V8 engine, another on the SLK series and a couple on my time in the police. All well reviewed on Kindle I might add.

I drove a Land Rover MkIII when I was in the police. The gearbox had seen better decades and I had to concentrate more than when I was in the witness box to get into second. On one journey those in the back would cheer if I made it first attempt, regardless of any strange noises. Great fun if a little uncomfortable for someone 6'3".

Thanks for having me.

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