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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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I´m Chris from Hamburg, Northern Germany. Over time I have been reading a lot of usefull stuff in this forum and now, finaly registered.

I own a 1999 P38 Range Rover with 4.6 litre Thor engine. It´s done 180.000km so far (maybe second engine at 100.000km) and had and has many of the typical problems these cars are famous for.

I usually repair Italian cars, but two years ago needed a 4WD towing car for a limited time.

The guy I borrowed it from didnt want it back, so I keept it and finaly bought it from him. Now I try to repair it, bit by bit, because I dislike defective cars. Something that seems to be more complicated than fixing a Ferrari.

Maybe I can share some usefull ideas in exchange for the help I found here.
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