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Hey everyone, been creeping around here for a while learning lots from all the posts, super cool to be part of the forum.

I got a 2019 RRS Autobiography Dynamic back in May 2019, it has 15K kms on it now (July 2019). I picked it up in Canada and drove it all the way to Mexico where I currently live with my wife and kids. Yes the drive was as epic as you can imagine. I just love my RRS, I did the velocityap tune and that's about all so far.
I go offroading weekly with it continuing to see how far I can push it. Yes I'm running stock Pirelli Scorpions still, might switch those up at some time, but it's still crazy fun.

I do have a channel deddicate to the crazy things I do with my RR so if you want to check that out here is hte link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-nDVLUt0TLl3WY3ZZczw1A

Looking forward to connecting with everyone!

Driven Hard
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