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Let me confirm to those interested in buying a leftover '04: MSRP is $74,000 (with the "Heated Package") but with the '05 arriving early Oct, you can deal with a volume dealer anxious to clear the lot at Invoice $68,000 minus the Land Rover July-Aug-Sept $4,000 cashback to dealers plus a small "profit" - A couple $1,000, or less. So $65,000 or $66,000 plus tax. Certainly the dealer also has a "Holdback" but I have not been able to ascertain this/how much. Any views on this?

This is my first Range Rover and yesterday was our first "test drive": Fantastic comfort, silent interior, oozes luxury, high "command" driving position very pleasant. I am in car enthousiasm heaven, as I had been dreaming about this vehicule for a long time. As expected, the RR rules :)

My quick wish list for the "Mark 4" (full RR redesign in 2009 or 2010 according to http://www.autospies.com?): 1. A 3rd row of seats. With our 2 Child seats in the back, the car is already full, cant take friends around 2. Mini-glove box is ridicule. Fits either a few rolls of quarters or a few pens, not both 3. Can't fit a few CD's and DVD's in the mini-storage box between the front seats 4. The DVD player is installed in the trunk (underneath the Nav box = Not practical to switch DVDs for the kids.

By the way I saw a post mentioning that the Jaguar-Ford V8 and V8 turbo would appear in summer 05 in the RR along with a slight exterior refresh, but I spoke with a few people who said no, this will happen later. I couldnt understand if it would be for the '06 RR model (avail in Oct 05) or the next year. What is happening in summer 05 is the yet-to-be-named, Storm-inspired baby Range with the Jaguar-Ford V8 (already equipping the new LR3)

Voila, I am looking forward to participating in this forum.

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Hi Michel and congratulations on your new Range Rover!! :D

Also THANKS very much for the good information you have gotten from your research. I am sure this will be a considerable help to others.

Meanwhile enjoy the new vehicle and keep us posted on your experiences!

Best wishes and thanks

John Brabyn


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