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Hi folks, newbie to the forum and newbie to RR's. I've built, restored a bunch of stuff from American cars/trucks to custom Harleys, but have relatively limited experience of 4x4's and diesel motors.
We have a 1998 P38 2.5td auto. Not our first 4x4, having lived in Minnesota for some years, we had several, but now we're back home in Somerset, I need to know this vehicle as it is our daily driver, workhorse, income.
I've found Craddocks online and a local RR breaker for parts. I've just received a used windscreen washer bottle c/w pumps, which I'll be swapping out this weekend. None of my pumps work, never have in the 6 months we've had it, but need it for winter.
Anyways, one minute, I had no clue what to say here, and the next, I've written my life story and can hear snoring.
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