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Hi All
I have had the joy of owning 5 classics over the years and loved them all

Now I live in Europe and left my last one in the UK - still hurts! - and I wait for the size of newer models to be more similar to the classic (albeit I remain staggered at how costs have risen so this is not the only issue:!) The sport, released I think in 2006, is getting closer to the Classic size and I plan to start searching for a LHD one soon; year 2007 on as I have failed to find a LHD Classic

Regards size, I have driven P38s but I admit not newer models or Sports so can only go on wheel base and L, W dimensions hence feel Sport is the one for me - may be wrong

I also owned Diesel land rovers and these were superb for work with their lighter doors, when getting in and out to open field gates but to do on road and off road the RR was in a class of its own
and the tailgate, all was perfect, to sit on it and have a hot snack in the middle of nowhere, knowing you would get back
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