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I've had my 2008 Sport HSE for about a year now, and I'm at a crossroads: I thought I would do a bunch of outdoor stuff this past 12 months - but haven't... so, alas, I'm actively trying to sell it.

Yet, at the same time I'm also trying to embrace the idea that I might have it for a lot longer, and my goal is to work on enjoying this marvelous beast more than I have! I'm pretty big into photography and have a dji Phantom w/GoPro that I plan on taking out and about on my upcoming trips.

The car is by far the best thing I've ever had as far as automobiles go, and every day I somehow feel I notice something else about it that I like.

I've got a ton of average pics here:


...but like I said above - I'm starting to branch out and see where I can take this puppy. If there's anybody down in SoCal who knows of/is part of groups that take weekend trips to the desert/hills etc - I'm all ears! In the same mindset - I'm pretty sure there's forum posts dedicated to this kind of thing and I'll start looking around.

Cheers, and thanks for the forum!
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