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HEVAC Book Symbol (Revisited for the Nth time) and Flap motor swap HOWTO

So I've had the dreaded book symbol for a while along with ambient air only on the passenger side (LH Drive vehicle) and low airflow generally.The wife stated in not so many terms that even just a short trail ride was out now that its been warming up here in FLA, so it was time to fix the problem.

There is great stuff helping you troubleshoot the HEVAC here and how to replace the flap motor using AVRO's method here. Rave has good information to help troubleshoot the HEVAC as well, as does the main site.

If you (like me) are not man (or woman) enough to use AVRO's method (or if you just can't reach), you will need to get the blower assy out of the vehicle. According to RAVE this requires complete dash removal.
Turns out they are right, unless you make some modifications to the blower assy:

* Take blower motor out.

* Using hacksaw blade, dremel or similar cut the top plastic mounting bracket on blower assy, you need to cut all the way around the metal tab where the bolt is attached and trim the side support (toward the vehicle RH side) as well to be able to move the assy out of the way. I found that using the extension on the dremel with a cutting blade (looks like a drill) allowed me to cut around the tab without too much trouble. The metal sawzall blade was a little too long to manouver around and the jigsaw blade was taking too much effort.

Hammer drill

* Remove the bolt using a 10mm socket and trim the side support (toward the vehicle RH side again) of the lower mounting tab so you can move it around the bolt.

* You will need to muscle the assy around a bit, it is also still held in place via its rubber attachment to the ambient air/pollen filter side but it can now be moved out of the vehicle.

Once it is out of the vehicle you can easily get to the flap motor and rectify the problem -mine had a distinct lack of teeth on a significant gear, I replaced two gears and put everything back together, testing operation with a 9 volt battery after I was done.

* Clean up the cuts on your blower assy a little, and manufacture a bracket:

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Bumper Auto part Automotive exterior Fender

* Using your bracket as a guide, drill a hole in the top of the blower assy.

* Attach bracket to top blower assy mounting bolt using the original nut, you will probably want to mount it just a little high to give room to move the assembly around and get it in place.

* Put blower assy in place, I was unable to get the ambient air seal perfectly around the assy, but it is good enough.

* Use a few washers as spacers between the bracket and the blower assy (since you put the bracket a litthe high) and fasten it, don't forget to use blue lock-tite. My bolt also has a hole where you can put a pin or a little wire to ensure the bolt will not fall off and damage the blower.

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Re: HEVAC Book Symbol (Revisited for the Nth time) and Flap motor swap HOWTO

The above fixed my recirculation/flap motor issue.

I also replaced the blower on that side of the vehicle since it was not running. after replacing the flap motor I still had issues, so I pulled and replaced the blend motor as well. I bought the blower and blend motors from a wrecker, when pulling the blend motors at the wreckers from a '99 SE we noticed one had a huge hole in it. This seems to be caused by the heat from the pipes going into the heater core. The place this heat is applied to the blend motor is the exact spot the blend motor servo housing is the thinest -where it has a cut out to accomodate a gear (who the hell designed this stuff?). After pulling my blend motor, I can see it is on its way of getting the same problem:

Picture was taken after I cleaned the motor up, the hole was filled with gunk and the gears jammed.

I replaced the blend motor, but I still have the book symbol and some issues:

* Low air flow: the blowers make a great amount of noise, but not that much air is coming out of (any) vents on either side. Pollen filters are brand new.

* Passenger side air works strangely -
Both sides on LO = both sides have AC running
Raise passenger to HI, still both sides have AC
Rase driver side to HI, both sides get HEAT
Lower passenger to AC = driver has heat, passenger AC
* Driver side operates HI-LO regardless off what passenger is set to.

I tried several blend motors with the same results (in the case of 2, other 2 didn't work at all, even though they 'passed' my pot-ohm-meter test one seemed flaky but one of those seemed perfect). I'm not sure if the book symbol could be caused by the ambient air sensor being a little goofy, it seems to think it is 56F in my drive way lately. But the low air flow and other issue point to the HEVAC control being bad? Any way of testing this?

Most importantly, is there a way to increase the air flow?

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