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Help with Integrated Roof Rail System Part Needed

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I have a factory installed integrated roof rail system (#CAB000040PMA) on a 2005 Range Rover HSE. There is a plastic oval shaped removable sliding cover at the end of each crossbar. Each cover has a white sticker on it stating “100 kg max” and additional model number information. I have not seen that plastic cover numbered or listed separately for sale. Does anyone know who manufacturers that rack system for Land Rover? I would like to order four if possible.

Thank You[attachment=1:2yy3cebq]F11.JPG[/attachment:2yy3cebq][attachment=0:2yy3cebq]F9.jpg[/attachment:2yy3cebq]


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who is the manufacturer? Thule, Atera ? Maybe they have it as a spare part.

http://www.atera.de/de/30_Produkte/10_P ... raeger.php

dealer told me Thule last year, however this is the response i got back from them

"I'm sorry but Thule does not manufacture that rack. Please contact your Land Rover dealer for information on obtaining spare parts."

the dealer is not very helpful they would rather have me purchase new crossbars! 8-0=
I can't really tell from the diagram but I guess the individual caps shown in Microcat are for the ends of the bars that run the length of the roof rather than the ones that you're after?



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As the diagram Phil posted shows, the pieces aren't avail seperately. One time the dealer is not at fault.

A couple of years ago I was missing one of the lock covers for the sports bars on my P38. I went to one of the local camping suppliers who has all sorts of racks and before I could even ask he goes: "How many?" Turns out the P38 sports bars were made by Thule and he knew the pieces from the 'civilian' version. Cost me €4 for 2 little plastic pieces, even tho not from LR :shock:

I'd try a similar tactic. And I wouldn't count Thule out to 100% either yet. Find someone who knows racks. (Did I just write that? :lol: )
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