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1970-1995 Range Rover Classic
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Help! My 94 SWB RRC started making a loud groaning/grinding noise that's scaring small animals and children in my neighbourhood.

I've had this truck for 6 months and, until now, the noise has been infrequent (maybe once a month) and goes away quickly. It wasn't that loud either so it wasn't alarming. But starting yesterday, it's happening all the time and it's much louder so I've stopped driving it.

Sounds are pretty hard to describe so here's a video I shot tonight

A few more details:
  • Comes on regardless of coasting or accelerating
  • Doesn't go away when braking
  • Doesn't occur at crawling speed
  • I can feel the vibration through the chassis but I don't feel any pulling or drag. In fact, it drives perfectly fine - I can accelerate (albeit slowly as you would with such an alarming noise), brake, and turn no problem.
  • I had the transmission rebuilt 4 months ago
  • Tires are skinny (225/75/16) and it's mildly lifted so there shouldn't be rubbing
Any ideas what could be causing this horrible din? Drive shaft? Diffs? Bearings? :-?
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