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Help with Gasoline Leak

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Any insights would be helpful, thanks in advance.

95 County

Leaking fuel around the hose from the fill-up to the tank. Only seems to be leaking after refueling, for the first couple gallons. The leak is pretty bad, probably ends up leaking out a gallon or half-gallon.

I can post pics if that would be helpful.

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You've either lost a clamp or the flex sleeve from the tank to the fillet neck is damaged. It looks like a short radiator hose with a clamp at each end. Last I tracked one down it was about $25 from Atlantic British.
Thanks, they had it in stock.

I've read elsewhere it could also be the neck before the hose rusted through (where the fuel nozzle resides when filling). I hope not...

The tank was replaced via the recall though, a few years back.
The tank was replaced via the recall though, a few years back.
And, it's probably been leaking to a greater or lesser degree since then.
Lots of issues with vehicles stem from the last time it was worked on.
Had similar issue a few years back, but dealer took care of it as part of recall work.

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Sounds similar to the issue my LWB had. Turns out that the fuel-return line (from tank to filler neck) that causes a pump to automatically shutoff had a big slice in it.

Simple 10 minute fix at autozone. Just needed a generic fuel hose, a couple of hose clamps, and connectors.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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