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Help with brake kit for RRS HSE

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Hello everyone,
I know you all are saying oh no, not another brake thread. But I really need your help choosing a brake kit that's as good as, if not better than, OEM. I know there probably has been a lot of discussion and threads, but what ever I could find it does not address my needs directly.

I have a 2013 HSE with 40K and need to replace both front and back and recently quoted $800 per axel by a local indie shop (who only works on European cars). I do not recall if they would replace with OEM parts but they give 3 years warranty. I think dealership also charges around the same. So I have either of theses options but not quite sure if I would be fully happy if I pick one.

What I need help with is to find brake kits that will fulfill the following wish list:
1. OEM like grip or better.
2. Drilled rotors that will not warp.
3. Rotors that are larger than OEM size (is that stupid wish? I mean without upgrading to a big brake kit, is there a chance of using rotors with larger diameter that would work with my factory calipers? I am also getting new set of 22" wheels with summer tires and was thinking of getting 5 spoke wheels and wanted to have large drilled rotors that would cover the gap inside the wheel so it does not look so bare. This is just for the look.)
4. Cost less than $1400 for both axels.

I understand labor would be separate but right now finding the right brake kit is all I am focusing on. Thanks a lot for your help and suggestion. Also, if you have different brake kits setup, then some pics would help a ton. Thanks all.
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Drilled rotors are a gimmick for everyday drivers. "Warped" rotors is something of a misnomer. Rotors do not warp. You can have issues with buildup or you can have issues with hot spots and uneven hardening due to panic braking and uneven cooling.

There are piles of existing brake threads. read what folks say about brake dust because that is really the only issue most Sport owners focus on. Genuine parts give sure footed braking with the correct softness of pads to stop such a heavy rig.

Yes you can upgrade to the Brembo brakes but you really need to ask yourself if you need them. No you can not use your HSE calipers or pads. A Brembo upgrade is everything replaced on the front brakes. There is no " Brembo" for rear brakes.

Again, please see existing threads and make your choice based on reviews and pricing.
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