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Help with 2010 RRS purchase

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Hello all,

I am trying to purchase a new 2010 RRS with Lux and extended leather. The local dealer wants full MSRP plus shipping to get a different color than what they have (Black, Silver, Grey) I want an Ipanema Sand with Arabica Interior or Bournville with Arabica. Dealer is saying the timeline could be 90+ days to order it. I dont want to wait that long.

I found one in another state and told my dealer to get the car up here. Put a deposit down on Sunday. Paying full MSRP + $1,000 shipping to get it here.
It's been 3 days and dealer still doesn't know if they can get the car or not.

I've never had a new car shipped from another state but may have to consider this to get the color and options I want.

Anyone have advice? Anyone have experience having a car shipped from another dealer out of state?

Thanks much!
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How far is the next closest dealer?
Usually the dealer trades for the car. The dealer with your car drives it down and returns with the traded car. In todays market, surprised the dealer even charged for the service. It seems a grand will let the driver enjoy the ride.
Now the bad news. How many times have you been passed by a new car going 80 or more on the highway with a dealer plate? These are deliveries and not the way I like to break in a new car. I had a brand new Jeta once moved from a Virginia dealer to a Pa dealer. It took a little longer, 5 days vs 1 day, than I thought but what the hey?
Turns out the driver wacked the driver side front end. I did not notice anything when my wife picked up the car but;
18 k miles Left front wheel bearing needed replacement
22k Front left strut and strut top bearing needed replacement
80 k Left front fender clear coat crackled (VW US inspector said it was from too many car washes) Dealer repainted for free. On inspection found enough minor underneath damage to know the car had been repaired.

So be sure to inspect the car before you sign on the line.
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I bought my 2008 RRS HSE + Lux in Dec 2007.

I was absolutely particular about colors (int/ext) and features that I wanted.

My dealer found it in another state.


Flat bed towing. No extra charge. It was mint.

Their incentive is to sell a vehicle.

If not - go elswhere.
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My neighbour is in the car trucking business. Dealears don't usually have a truck that moves cars. They call a broker that then gives the load to any car carrier that is going between the 2 destinations. How your car is handled is up to the driver of the truck, whether it is on top or below. Will it sit below another old clunker that will drip oil on to the vehicle, you will never know. They sometimes get dings which, they will go to a local body shop to get touched up before delievering to a dealer - the dealer does not want to know what happened - so as far as they dealer is converned, they got a car in 1 peice and its sold to the customer.
Dealer stock exchanges go on all the time.
I believe your dealer thinks he has a captive client that will pay full price and the cost of shipping: and realistically he does, so far.

Try to negotiate a better deal and be prepared to walk to another dealer if this one won't drop the price. Your possible loss for trying ? Nothing. It doesn't have to be contentious , it's just business after all. I'm sure the other dealer can locate the same truck.

Not sure that there are still any factory or dealer incentives but in this market , I would have thought so.
Once again I ask, How far away is the next closest dearler?

You really need to have the car serviced at the dealer you buy it from.
You don't need to but you will get better service if you do.
Thanks for the help everyone

Mark-CT Unfortunately, the next closest dealer is 1 hr away which is not going to work for service. I agree with you and want to have the service dealer do the deal.

The dealer called me today (Washington State) and said he cannot get the car I want as the out of state (CA.) dealer will not trade, even with $1,000 for shipping plus Full MSRP. I know I can call the dealer in CA. and get the RRS I want for this deal or less, but the car would have to be shipped up to Washington. From what I'm hearing from everyone that's a sketchy deal.

Not sure what to do? I'd rather not wait months for the car
Sounds like an excellent opportunity for a road trip. Fly out, pick up vehicle and make your way back. These cars gobble up highway at a prodigious rate in absolute comfort, you can easily do 800 miles in a day no problem.
+1 on the road trip. Get the car you want and don't let the servicing where you buy it thing influence your decision. I bought mine 200 miles away and get it serviced at my local dealer no problem. They give me a free loaner and scratch it up washing it each time I come--just like they do for the people that bought theirs there.

All the service dept cares about is that you give them 5's each time on the survey. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the service manager and the sales manager at every dealership hate each other. The service side of the business is way more profitable than the sales side. They will be happy to have you as a customer, esp since you have to pay for maintenance on the '10s.
Go to the other dealer. 1 hr is not far for most dealers especially RR dealers.
You wont be going to the dealer that much once you get the car.
Mark_CT said:
You wont be going to the dealer that much once you get the car.
:pray: :D
Mark_CT said:
You wont be going to the dealer that much once you get the car.
It's a Land Rover. :dance:
One hour drive??? Come on, thats not that far and you get to drive in your RRS...whats not to love??

BTW, I purchased and get my RRS serviced at my nearest dealer...I drive 100+ miles one way for it. Also I get it serviced 7-8X per year...I do alot of driving....
Sheet, with traffic here in L.A. I drive an hour just to get another quart at the liquor store down the street. :(
q-rover said:
You wont be going to the dealer that much once you get the car.
It's a Land Rover. :dance:



Purchasing a car can be very stressful, especially if you have personal preferences that you are not willing to compromise on. This was the case with my 2010 Range Rover Sport purchase which I took delivery of just yesterday. I’d like to share my story with you all.

To start off, everything is negotiable in life especially when it comes to a $65k car purchase during an economic downturn. During the course of my hunt for a black/ivory/lunar inserts/piano black trim ‘10 RRS HSE lux, I’ve dealt with 4 dealerships in 3 different states. All of which firmly stated that they are not doing anything off MSRP. None of them had my combo in stock but suggested that they can locate one and get it through a dealer swap. Each had similar procedures to “secure” the swap and sale. Each had located one vehicle with my specs in the southeast region. They all required a deposit, which were fully refundable except for one of the dealers. A non-refundable deposit was ludicrous so they were the first to be canned. There were however no transport fees. They all needed credit pre-approval.

After the technicalities were out of the way, I’ve managed to get one of the dealerships to discount $1500 off of MSRP, however needed to still finalize the dealer trade with one condition. I was required deposit and sign a purchase commitment in order for them to get the car in. That made me a little uncomfortable. I almost felt strong armed to commit to something before the vehicle was in their possession. In a last ditch effort, knowing the inevitable (cave and agree to the prepurchase) decided to give a dealership that was about 250 miles away a call. Situated in a more metro area, the chances were better I thought.

Low and behold they had one on the lot! Immediately we arranged to drive up to the DC area in a one way AVIS rental and were determined to drive back down with the new car. Everything is going smootly, until the Sales Manager walks in and lets us know that this vehicle is unavailable due to a dealer swap hold. I asked myself, what are the chances that this vehicle that was setup for me at the other dealership! Regardless, I urged him to find out for certain because you have a buyer who will sign off on it for $5k off MSRP right now. While exploring other color options, the Sales manager returns after 20 minutes and says he has pulled a few strings and released the vehicle off the hold. Now, I’m fairly sure that this was THE car but I never signed the prepurchase agreement, therefore, he was forced to retract the trade. After a few numbers being tossed back and forth we agreed to $61k even. Not quite invoice but I did qualify for a 3.9% incentive. Needless to say, I’m a happy camper right about now.

I’ve learned the following:

You lose negotiating leverage when you are not flexible on color/trim choices.
Give the least info as possible, when they size you up. i.e. “What is your time frame?” “Do you have a model/color in mind?” When I walked into the DC dealership I told them I was in the neighborhood passing by. A good salesman understands that when you are shopping for a car you become emotional which encourages an impulsive purchase. (I daytrade for a living and consistantly yield better results when I can eliminate my emotion) They need you more than you need them!

Everyone in sales has a price. Do your homework and shop around, with a little bit of dumb luck you’re going to walk away under MSRP!

*Edit* Wow, I apologize for my ridiculously LOOONG post, apparently my emotions got the better of me and became a bit excited about my new car :dance:
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So none of the 4 dealers were going to charge transport fees? My dealer found an S/C for me, but it's on the opposite side of the country, so not only would I not get anything under MSRP, but they say they need to pass on the transport cost to bring that vehicle out here, as well as the transport cost to send the trade to them. I haven't gotten quote yet, but it's looking like an extra couple grand, which is making my stomach turn.

I'm worried about trying another dealer for fear of not being able to get a loaner vehicle when I bring it in for service to my closest dealer. I've heard stories about that, is it a valid concern?

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