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Is there any way to unlock the "Start Here" sticky so it can become useful again? The links are dead, and there is no help for 2006+ full sized HSEs with the 4.4 engine, which a lot of people have. The online and downloadable manuals including the Rave CD are either for earlier models or the 4.2 engine. Maybe leave it unlocked so people can contribute to it with methods that are work arounds that people have found useful?
Moderators can still remove useless chatter to keep it a true FAQ if they are up to it.
It just seems like we need a real FAQ so people don't ask the same questions over and over and can easily find answers to common questions and tutorials on common do it yourself maintanance.

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You are certainly free to volunteer to do some write ups. Are we going to unlock it? no. It then becomes free for all thread. People hop to a stickie and ask questions that need their own thread. Info submitted will be verified. if you would like to let me know which items have dead links I can certainly look into it.

BTW: if folks learned how to use the search functions there would be the same questions over and over. How many folks know that you can sort response by model or member name? How many people even explore the functions in the search?
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