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Hello! Welcome to my first post on RangeRovers.net.

Noob question: where do you place jack stands underneath a 2016 RRS SC Dynamic? I am a newish RRS owner and change my own winter wheels, and don't feel comfortable working with the truck supported only by my new 3-Ton "Big Red" trolley jack. FYI the jack is built specifically for SUVs and can lift the truck 20 7/8".

I also have new 6-ton jack stands that are wide enough to place under the truck's frame (their 'jaws' are wide enough for the frame rails to sit in), but my entire undercarriage seems to be cladded with protective panels?

My RRS dealer showed me where to put jack stands on another hoisted vehicle, but it didn't have all these protective panels underneath it (aargh!)

So my question is twofold:

1. Where do I place the jack to lift the front or back of the truck to place it on jack stands?
(I will always use 2 x jack stands under the front or rear, never lifting only one side)

2. Where do I put the jack stands under the front / rear of the vehicle once it's jacked up?

Thanks in advance for help!



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Hello Plodge and welcome to Range Rovers.net. I think you'll find it very helpful.
Try Googling "2016 Range Rover Sport Jack Points" to see if one of the multiple results, photos or videos tells you what you need to know.
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