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Help - What is the part called?

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I recently hit a deer at night while driving in my FFRR MY06. Although the car was mostly fine it did knock out the 2 plastic mesh type grilles below the bumper and I now have 2 rectangular holes where the plastic grilles were. I have been trying to find out what these grilles were called or what the part might be as I am reluctant to go to the local LR dealer without at least knowing a rough cost. All help gratefully appreciated.

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If it's the part in the diagram below labelled 15A245B then it's called an air intake bezel.

The LH one is part no. DXB500350PUY & costs around £9.

The RH one is part no. DXB500340PUY & costs around £6.

(The RH one has a different part number for the 4.2 V8 supercharged & V8 diesel - DXB500380PUY - but for your TD6 you need the '340' one)



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Thank you for this, really helpful.

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