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Help! Unkown issue - video included

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A few weeks ago I was offroading, and at the end of our day we decided to go on a trail that was flooded with about 6-8 inches of water. I had been on this trail many times before and was very familiar with it as it is on our family farm. I was about 3/4 of the way across when the trail collapsed (seemingly because it had been submerged for so long and the ground was too soft for the Range). This is the result:

We eventually got it pulled out and dried out. I took apart the BeCM and cleaned it with compressed air, electronics cleaner and MAF cleaner. After drying everything else out, we hooked up the battery and it started right up. The passenger side amps were blown, they have been replaced. I have ordered a new front passenger door lock, because it would not open and we had to break the door latch, as directed here http://www.rangerovers.net/repairdetails/doors/doorlocks.html.

I drove the range around and it kept saying that lights were going out, the rear in particular. Event though some of the lights were not submerged it is still saying they are bad. No lights on the passenger side tail light work, the reverse lights don't work, and the license plat::e lights don't work. Also, the only brake light that works is on the driver side. These were fine when we first started the Range up, but went out as it was running. Strange, but not major.

The major issue I am having is when the Range has been turned off. It ran perfectly smooth and did not even hesitate. However, when it was turned off it was doing this:

I don't know why everything was going crazy, or what that noise is. It also sounded like it was making the compressor come on. Also, after about 30 minutes of driving the Range around, this issue drained the battery to the point where it would not start again - dead battery.

Any ideas? Thanks so much for the help!!!
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OMG that SUCKS! Mine made buzzing noises after I pressure washed the engine bay :doh: . Thankfully disconnecting the battery and letting it sit and dry out for a couple of days fixed the problem, it wasn't that bad though. But man, you are probably looking at a new BECM and everything :oops: If I were you, let it sit wit the battery disconnected for least 3 days in a warm spot to dry, oh and pray. Might also want to take the becm out and let it sit inside to dry.
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