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Help to remove coil cover 2006 AJV8 4.4ltr

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I am just trying to change my spark plugs and trying to remove the plastic cover over the coils but alas no luck.
On other models I have seen they have a couple of screws that undo and free the panels but there are no visible screws just a smooth plastic cover.
I dont want to pull it too hard and end up with the broken plastic clips and say oh thats how you do it .....
The cover has movement and feels like it might have some sort of clips on the underside. I have tried gently to pull it out but it feels like it might break so can anyone who has done before give me the heads up please.

Help please.

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You should be able to just pop the covers off without breaking anything - you need to pull a bit harder.
The covers just have 2 pins (I think) along the lower (outer) edge of the cover plate that hold them in place. Pull straight up so as not to bend the female plastic ports that just fit over a couple of pins sticking straight up from the valve cover, and they should lift right off. They are not on there very tight, and theres no clips, they basically just sit on those pins.
Thanks Mark and sowr, after gently teasing up with fingers the cover pops off the pins are located differently on each side. Looking at the motor from the grill the 2 pins on the left bank are located at the lower side they are just below the coil packs. The right side the pins are above the coil packs. I teased the cover on the left from the bottom side and the right from the top. All good no broken bits which I like best. Plugs replaced ( they had done 90,000 kms) and the motor sounds so smooth and drives noticeably better.
Thanks again Mark and sowr its great to get the heads up, makes doing the work enjoyable.
Photos attached.


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Glad it worked out for you. I changed mine twice over (once at 90K and once at 180K) before I sold the vehicle (Discovery/LR 3) with 200K miles on it.
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