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Hello everyone - been on here for a while but haven't posted anything yet. Like so many other forums, this place is a virtual library of knowledge and experience and I'm hoping that someone can help me solve a new "problem".

For the past few days, I've noticed that my display screen in my 2010 RRS HSE has randomly "blacked out" and yesterday, it did it a few times (goes black and then comes back within a second or two) and then it seemed to freeze on me when I went to enter a phone number to place a call. I turned the truck off for a minute and then back on - the functions unfreezed and seemed to be working fine but now what I get is more of the random "black screen of death". When that does happen, the screen still seems to respond to my finger touch input (sort of) - it's almost as if it thinks I am hitting that "X" at the bottom left to black it out for night driving. If I hit any of the actual function switches (phone, Audi, nav, etc), the screen seems to come back lit but only until it decides to black out on me. While all this occurs, the radio and nav functions continue to operate so I never lose sound, etc. it really seems like it thinks I'm hitting that soft "X" function to black out the display itself.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I've done a fairly exhaustive search on this forum and in Google and can't seem to find anyone describing this specific issue and fixes.

Thanks in advance everyone - Alon
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