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HELP! Range Rover Hood Vent Install

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Does anyone know how to install the hood vent for a 2007 Range Rover HSE? I'm having trouble uninstalling the washer jets so that I can reinstall the jets on the new hood vent that I have. Does anyone have any instructions on how this can be done?
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I imagine you could try the workshop manual - do a search. :thumb:
Lift up the bonnet/hood and you will see that there are plastic clips that hold thegrille in place,these have to be bent back and pushed up. Be careful as they are easy to break.
The washer jets are a huge PITA. The tube to attach the hose is simply too long and overlaps the edge of the cutout in the metal of the hood making installation of the jets/vent quite difficult (I assume 2007 is the same as 2003-4). I removed the hoses and pushed the jets upwards. For installation I filed the back lower corner of the jets to allow them to 'tip' in more easily.

I'm not quite sure what CPF is referring to with clips that need to be bent back (unless the 07 is different - never laid hand on one in anger yet). The vent has pretty standard round molding clips. To remove, just pry upwards carefully. But please check to make sure this info is still correct. Wouldn't want you busting clips off your expensive vent because I gave you wrong info :cry:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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