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I have a 1999 p38 a basic model, i have just got hold of a new interior and need help with the seat wiring. Under the electric seat there are the wire to connect up there is : 1 red wire
1 purple wire
1 green wire
1 orange wire
1 red/white wire
1 orange/white wire
1 green/white wire
1 black/orange wire
2 black wires
also thers is 2 sets of wires in plastic sheeving that look like they go up the back of the seat, 1 has 2 black wires in and the other has a red wire and a black wire in it.
All i want to know is what wires need connecting to ignition, battery and earth, I'm not bothered about having the memory working i just want to get the seats adjusting any help would be great

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Have you checked Rave?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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