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Help me with my EAS software

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So I am trying to alter the heights in my suspension.
I downloaded th driver for my USB connection, watched the two videos that explain how to use and how to set up.

I went to the truck, started it, plugged it in, selected the COM port (#6) and the following two screens are what I get (ive saved them in Word format).
I pressed the "unlock eas" button, hit the get all levels, and the u can see the random numbers I got.

SO, what is wrong?


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Screen 2


First off it can be more buggy when using a USB convertor some people have reported that they never get it to work.

Second try changing the com port that the USB adapter is assigned to, to the lowest number possible (use device manager)

Third where it says no-idle on a red box it should be a green box with something else written in it - until it turns green you are not properly connected

Fourth the idle values seem a bit odd at the bottom left - the defaults worked fine for me which is 75 in each box. If that doesn't work keep trying with slightly different settings to see if it makes any difference.

Fifth make sure you have downloaded the latest version from rswsolutions.com rather than using the one on the CD.
Is this a PC or laptop? If laptop, make sure the laptop is running on mains transformer (not battery).
Check out :
Also, Storey's response (about 3 posts later) and my further response after that.
Gonna look at all that monday/
Thanks fellas.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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