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Long time reader of these forums. I've had a 1995 Range Rover Classic, 1997 4.6 and a 2006 LR3. The LR3 was recently totaled and I decided I just need a Range. So I have narrowed it down to two vehicles.

1. 2006 Range Rover Sport Supercharged. 49,000 miles, black on black, $30,850

Pros- supercharged, black exterior, rear entertainment package.

Cons- perforated seats, long travel distance to get vehicle, a bit older than I wanted, 3 owner, from northeast

2. 2008 Range Rover Sport. 49,000 miles, silver on black, $32,400

Pros- luxury package, better sound, upgraded seats. Larger discount off blue book, better long term resale value. One owner, all records, from inland California. Close proximity.

Cons- silver exterior, not supercharged.

A few questions. We're any problems that existed in 2006 ironed out in the next two years? Do you guys think a supercharger is worth having less long term resale value? I would love some opinions. Thanks.
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