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help! I need low range next week

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2001 hse, the symptoms are rolls away in park, gear position indicator around the shifter flashes on and off all the time, the dasboard display indicates high and low and all the gears perfectly, except it's always in high range.

when going from high to low range, the little gears not meshing icon lights and beeps, but stays in high. Also throws the service engine soon light if I take fuse 11 out

please help, I need to tow a 5400 pound boat and trailer next week for 250 miles there and back, need the low range to launch
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I'm not a brain surgen here but I'll tell ya I have had a problem like this in the past and all I did was disconnect the battery for a couple of min. and everything was great after words,
for what ever it's worth. There is a high low motor thats on the transfer case which is responsible for making the change from high to low. It looks like a starter Solenoid, have a look at it.

Good luck

I had the battery out for 5 days, didnt fix anything, but I idi have fuse 11 in at the time, might try again with it out. I wonder why it shows low range in the dash
Bandit it sounds like the motor that shifts the gears into low range isnt running.have a look at it. It looks like a big solenoid on the side of the gearbox.
update, was checking fluids, changed the t-case fluid because it was darker then kaka. Anyhow, the plug that powers the selector moror was not plugged in. cleaned contacts, connected it, but still not working.

still have a select neutral message all the time, gear selector illumination thingie flashes all the time.

had a local shop check the ecu, have a P1701 and p0112

the one code is to do with the transfercase, found some info on it, will pull the solenoid tomorrow
cant find the edit button. soaked it in liquid wrench for the night, tried loosening but no way. How do you get at the rear most bolt? I cant even see it
Why do you need low range for a 5k lb boat? I towed mine twice a week 150 miles each way for two years. And mine was over 6000# with the trailer.
the boatramp is steep. did it with my disco and way easier on the truck in low range. plus the hill leading to it is steep.

I towed the boat with an aerostar van before, most places not a problem
woohoo, did it, pulled the motor out, worked on the bench, so in she went and i cleaned all the contacts on the connector. Still didnt work but tried to, so I ran it high to low for few minutes now it seems to work. hit and miss but last few trie it worked good.

Now, what to do about P not holding the car?
congrates bandit, sorry I can't help with Park but someone will, good luck.. :clap:

bandit86 said:
Now, what to do about P not holding the car?
"P" should engage a park "pin". If someone selected park whilst moving, it could have sheered off. It's a gearbox Disassembly job:

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