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HELP HDC, Air suspension inactive

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Hello, I own a 2005 Range Rover HSE with 115k miles. I got T-Boned and got it repaired including air suspension bags, but prior to the wreck the air suspension inactive came on. It still occasionally moves up and down on its own even being inactive. When I got it back from the shop the air suspension worked fine but my battery was low so became inactive again. Recently the HDC became inactive as well and makes the abs kick in when reversing or accelerating. I replaced the battery but everything still is inactive. I have tried resetting it with the wheel as well. Tried looking for similar post but only found ones saying replace the battery so someone please help and give me some ideas. Thank you
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There is a sticky at the top of this page, that says for new users to read first.
Chain, getting Tboned means serious damage to electrical harnesses, sensors and things being misaligned. First thing is that you need proper diagnostic gear to find what has actually happened. Guessing at issues after a wreck can get mighty expensive.
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