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Help buying and installing new radiator for 99 RR Bosch

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Hi - A while ago I determined my radiator was bad and now I'm finally ready to get a replacement but I'm perplexed about the whole sensor thing in the description for this particular radiator.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/RANGE-RO ... ccessories

How can I tell if I have a sensor? Is there a plug in case I don't have a sensor? How does the install differ?

Also, I've never replaced a radiator myself and I'm wondering if I should get this done professionally or take this on myself with the help of a friend.

Thanks in advance!

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Are they taking the mickey when they call it a 'Meltronic' engine? :lol:
Hi all - I bought the radiator off ebay and it turns out to be a Silla radiator. Fit perfectly and my overheating problems have subsided (fingers crossed).

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