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HELP, bearings and seals

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Anyone know the part numbers for the stub axle bearing and seals for 95RRC LWB? Have searched the net but I'm frustrated after 3 hours. There are not any helpful shops in north Idaho. Please help. This is the last thing I need to put our Rangie back on the road......
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You want the bearings all the way out in the hub? RTC3429 bearing (2 ea side) FTC2783 seal (1 ea side). Best I can tell from the fiche, it's not 100% clear.
The bearing in the stub axle (inner side) ate it self to smithereens. I just cant seem to find the PN.
I'll be so glad to move out of Idaho next spring. The only RR people around here are the rich ones who have a hard time even fueling their rigs let alone work on them.
Heck the Land Rover dealer in Spokane, WA (10 miles from me) the parts department did not even know what a County Classic was until I told them.

Thanks for the help

After spending 3 days looking online you can only get RR or Allmakes bearings off the shelf. FTC 861 does not cross to any bearing on the planet. Finally had to go to British Pacific and order. Wife's gonna kill me. :lol:
HK 4016 bearings from Germany are the replacement for the stub axle bearings. Any bearing place can fit you out with them. Cheaper than retail...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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