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Hello everyone! I finally got my P38. It’s a 97 4.0 with 96k miles. I got really lucky but I was very patient. I lurked here and shopped for almost 2 years. I did not set out to buy a 97 but I could not pass it up. It’s been in a time capsule. I’m happy to have the Gems and have found it fairly easy to work on so far. I really wanted as little wood as possible and no Navi and I’m super happy with her!

It’s not been all gravy tho. I’ve been working hard every day to get her all proper. I’d list it all but you know the drill. Luckily for me and this website I had most of the parts and tools ready on stand by. Big thanks to the info here and some guys on the FB.

There’s a few things still to sort out. I’ve got my AC running perfect now but after a while on hot afternoons the book still appears but the system operates perfectly. Could it be my relay getting hot? Any ideas?

I changed all the relays and noticed the two problem relays had a crack in the board.

This is a big progress from where I started so I’m super happy to have it all working. Part of the problem was an overcharged system and nests throughout the filters and vents.

Two things I haven’t touched yet are the non-working radio and sunroof. I’ve saved them for last.

The sunroof is stuck or broken. When I press the button I can hear a quick budge in either direction I press it but nothing happens.

The radio doesn’t even turn on and rather than mess around I may just swap the HU. I already removed the cd and sub so my new oem rubber mat would fit nice and remain uncut.

Any advise on the book, sunroof or radio is appreciated. I’m completely burnt out of searching and digging for now. It’s been an andventurous start to say the least. My wife is ready to move my bed into the garage.

See you around!


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One other thing I haven’t touched. My fob came with no battery. I replaced them. I could not sync so I’ve removed the fobs batteries for now.

I’ve swapped my RR battery and had the old one disconnected a few times. So far no issues. I’m nervous about all of this so I just leave it alone. I don’t have a red light alarm indicator and have a feeling it might be disabled.

I tried to sync my key by pressing lock and then locking the door but nothing happens. The doors dont even lock. When I lock from the inside button all doors lock/unlock.

Could my system be disabled or hacked? Could there be an issue lurking? I should get my EKA at the dealer ASAP.

Any advise appreciated!
Some more pics. Tonight I swapped in clear side markers, new wheel caps, steering stabilizer and sway bar end links. I’m returning my NGK plugs and wires and opted for the champion plugs and oem wires after more reading.

After the plugs and tranny service I’ll be pretty squared away and will focus on the last issues in my op.


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Cracking around the relay bases means the fusebox has overheated and needs to be replaced. It can be repaired (https://www.rangerovers.net/repairdetails/electrical/fusebox.html) but isn't worth the effort in the long run.

Sunroof is likely to be broken parts in the mechanism. If you want to spend hours fettling to get them to fit you can try the 3D printed replacements but they may or may not work and even if they do, probably not for long. Get a complete cassette from a breaker.

As for the locking. If the car was locked with the key, it will unlock with the key without needing the EKA. When you say that turning the key does nothing, I assume you mean that the central locking doesn't work but does from the inside buttons? In that case the key switch in the drivers door latch is dead so you won't be able to sync the key either as the system doesn't know you are turning the key. See Marty's sticky on testing door latch switches but I suspect a new drivers door latch is required.

NGK plugs (BPR6ES) are far better than Champions.....
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Thank you for the reply! I have the iridium NGK here now. They are BPR5EIX. Any thoughts?
Iridium equivalent to standard is BPR6EIX, the ones you have are a slightly different heat range but are shown as the equivalent to the Champion RN11YCC originally fitted so should be fine. I seem to recall seeing somewhere that the NAS cars had a different heatrange plug to rest of world anyway. As you are likely to get around 40-50,000 miles from a set of Iridium plugs, make sure you use graphite grease on the threads or you, or the next owner, may have trouble getting them out in 40,000 miles time.
Wow that is a great looking 97!
Congratulations, it looks great. I started with something not nearly as pretty
regarding the radio stereo unit, I had excellent results with repairs from a man calling himself GB4x4 radios.
I posted some information on my experience a couple of years ago
If you turn the key and the doors dont lock you will need to remove your door panel and make sure your rod is connected. It is possible that the lock is latch is worn or old and I have replaced my drivers twice now. Symptoms are latches clicking ,ect. Here is a pick to help
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