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Hello all,

I had a few RR's over the past years. I started in 2014 with a '1990 Range Rover Classic ; 3 doors ; 2.5L Diesel.
I had great fun with it and used it a lot. But soon, I got fed up with overheating issues and the noise level.
I sold it in 2016 to buy a P38.

I still have this P38 which is a great vehicle. Every system works on it. It has almost 290 000 km on the clock.
I have a lot of pleasure driving it.
It is the first vehicle I use to off-road. It is really a great off-roader.

Lately, I had the opportunity to buy a '2004 L322 Vogue. It is a petrol-power V8.
It had a few issues when I bought it (some systems not working, gearbox out, stereo dead, ...). Those are about to be fixed. This L322 is going to replace my P38.
I hope to have as much pleasure to drive it both on road and off roads.

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