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2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Second attempt at saying hello. Hopefully this one will appear; if I put a technical question in the first one I do apologise although don't remember doing it :geek:

Hi all, new to RR after wanting one for quite some time I've finally got myself a FFRR; 2008 TDV8 Vogue in Stornoway Grey and I'm loving it particularly the 'magic-carpet' ride and finding all sorts of excuses to take her out lol. :)

I'm a semi-retired engineer turned mechanic so unafraid of spannering. In the month I've owned her I have so far;

  • Carried out an oil service; flush, oil and filter.
  • Mega-flushed the transmission (cured an occasional slight TC judder).
  • Changed the oil in the transfer box (cured some pretty bad scrubbing on steering lock).

  • Fitted Quantum remap (now averaging 32mpg!).

  • Fitted silicone intercooler hoses (replacing a split boost hose).
  • Changed the front brake pads (cheap crap fitted before).
  • Fitted 20" RRS alloys with new Accelera tyres (budget but very quiet).
  • Fixed parking assist (new sensors).
  • Restored the front subframe (stripped, rust-treated, primed and black hammerited).
  • Fitted genuine deployable steps.
  • Restored the steering wheel (was very shiny).
  • Claybar'd the bodywork.
  • Fitted led reverse bulbs (still can't see reversing in the dark).
  • Fitted led fog/driving lamps.

So been a wee bit busy with her when not working on other folks cars. :roll:

Anyhoo, hello! :)
  • Fitted Quantum remap (now averaging 32mpg!).
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