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Took delivery of a 2020 Velar SVO Autobiography about a month ago. Fantastic vehicle. Traded a P380 velar which also was super.

Have one question as a 2 year Range Rover owner for which I’ve been unable to find an answer.
Specifically, what makes the mandatory motor oil specification STJLR.03.5006 unique? Castrol, as all oil companies, is mum on the details of that specification, other than it “protects emissions systems”. I can infer that, when used in a diesel, that oil will not adversely affect diesel particulate filters. In a gasoline (petrol) application, is there something unique about the catalytic converters used by Land Rover where this special motor oil MUST be used? Why not another quality, synthetic 0w-20 ( or heaven forbid, a slightly heavier viscosity) designed for North American (and European) gas engines. Catalytic converters for gasoline engines have been in use in North America since the middle 70’s, and not too many years after that globally. They aren’t rocket science.
Since I live over 2 hours from the dealer from whom the vehicles were purchased, it has made getting a dealer oil service essentially an all day event. Here in the US, oils meeting that Land Rover spec are difficult to source outside of a dealer. Mobil indicates they have a 0w-20 which meets that specification, but it’s like trying to find unicorn tears.

I noticed that in the UK, oils that meet that spec are relatively common (as I guess they would be as Land Rover is a domestic brand).
Anyway, as someone who prefers to do their own maintenance, I would love to use a high quality synthetic, but that mysterious Land Rover specification, and oils meeting it so hard to source here in the US, is making that difficult to do.

Any and all insights are appreciated.

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