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1970-1995 Range Rover Classic
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Hi guys. I've been mooching information from this site for quite some time now. I appreciate all those that provide great insight to the RRC world. As of Friday, I finally found a RR and it gets here this week. My initial perameters were to find a white, 1995 or older RRC as I was a sucker for the "old school" door handles. Then I became a fan of the older dash and set my sights on a 1994 or older.. After digging even further and looking at several, I became scared of the ABS repairs and wanted an even older, more simple one.

I finally found a solid, completely rust-free 1989 in white which seems to be a perfect restoration candidate. I'm planning on backdating with rostyle wheels, shorter/older bumpers (name unknown), vertical grille, different corner lamps, steering wheel, etc.

I look forward to showing off my build.

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