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Hey fellas!

I am in the process of purchasing this 6 yr / 100K CPO 2016 LR Range Rover Sport HSE TD6 Diesel with an awesome set of optional packages. This will be my first RR Sport ever and I certainly hope it will treat me well without any issues.

My father obviously hates RR because of its past history with their reliability issues however I am willing to look past that and give it a try since I've heard they've come a long way so I hope I made the right decision. Once it gets here - the first mod I will do is get the windows tinted dark... must have in Arizona with its triple digit heat weather coming up.

Anyway, I am looking forward to owning it and learning more from you guys about these RR Sports! Attached a few photos of my new rig. FYI, this is not my first time on forums. 8)

2016_land_rover_range_rover_sport-pic-771272237347079187-1024x768.jpeg 2016_land_rover_range_rover_sport-pic-965886280407600394-1024x768.jpeg 2016_land_rover_range_rover_sport-pic-2960269955968408912-1024x768.jpeg 2016_land_rover_range_rover_sport-pic-6665611174923245701-1024x768.jpeg
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