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Hey guys,

I'm interested in taking the plunge into the world of RR's. I currently drive an E39 M5 and have enjoyed basically restoring it, doing A TON of preventative maintenance, and driving the heck out of it, maybe driving the heck out of it too much with two speeding tickets in three months one at 96mph :( Problem is, I cannot stand not having an SUV. I own a 2007 Suburban, which I loved that ended up getting wrecked a few months before it was paid off. It was my fault I and am SOL on insurance covering anything, but nonetheless, I need an SUV and have always wanted a Range Rover, but had always heard about the reliability concerns. This doesn't really bother me because I am a problem solver at heart, and have found that things can be obscenely expensive if you go to the dealer or shop to get everything fixed, but cruising ebay and the forums, you can usually find the solution to a given problem and find parts relatively cheaply. I would assume this is more or less true with RR's as well.

I definitely would love some guidance on best years from 2007 on up/best engines/Sport vs. HSE/Supercharged vs. NA/etc. I test drove a 2010 HSE today with 100k and the thing overheated and leaked all of the coolant during the test drive! Welcome to the world of RR's, am I right??? Well that didn't scare me off completely, and here I am! I currently have a 2010 HSE a 2010 Sport NA, and a 2007 supercharged non-sport, here that I have been checking out to get a feel for them.

Look forward to talking with you guys!

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