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Hi, I've had my RR for about a year now and it is without doubt probably the best car I have ever had. Immensely proud of it and fully aware of the pitfalls, but, life is just too short.
I have owned and driven Landies for many years but now I feel I've arrived home - I'm still looking in shop windows at the reflections as I drive past. I'm not terribly technical - once changed the head gasket on a '64 Austin Cambridge and re-ground the valves, but that was in the days when I could see properly and has the lack of fear of youth. Also, had loads of friends who knew what they were doing.
She was MoT'd this morning and as expected no advisories. So far I changed the alternator the week after I picked the motor up from the garage, had the gear box filter and fluid changed two weeks later with a full service at my local 4x4 indy. Strangely, he told me it was a waste of money doing the gear box - not what I had heard.
Thanks again for having me on board - my lack of technical skill is matched only by my eagerness to help.
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