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Heavier fluid for noisy differential?

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I have a front differential noise around 35 mph that's slightly annoying. I changed the fluid the other day with the reccomended 75W90 (Lucas). No real change, but I noticed that first thing when cold, the differential is much less noisy.

What are everyone's thoughts on changing with a heavier 80W140 or something similar? While I realize this might cause a nominal reduction in fuel mileage and hp, I would gladly accept that for reducing the noise and putting off any major work...at least temporarily.

Also, what is everyone's favorite diff fluid???

Thanks in advance!!
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if it's only around 35mph, I dont think it's the diff, I never heard of a differential noise going away, usually louder with speed.

i can understand if it changes under load but then you have a really worn diff and should look at it, not mask the problem
That's why I think it's a bearing in the diff rather than worn gears, etc.

For starters, I'm have a diff shop open everything up next week, they think off hand it's the pinion bearing first, with the ring and pinion gears second.

It's amazing how many road blocks I have trying to diagnose this. Every shop either shy's away completely, doesn't know anything about diffs/trannys, or just wants to replace everything. They get nervous when the Rover pulls up, but I really don't think there is anything special with the differential setup on these.
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