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Heated Steering Wheel Problems

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I have a 2006 RR Supercharged and my heated steering wheel stopped working today. I checked the fuse (#29), and the 10 AMP fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse with a spare 10 AMP. When I press the button to activate the heated steering wheel, it illuminates and immediately turns off. I understand the heating element cycles, but there is not indication that the heater is working (the light is constantly off and the steering wheel never changes temperature). What could the problem be? Thanks in advance! Penelope
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I ended up bringing it to the LR dealer. After about 10 minutes of looking at it, they said the entire steering wheel would have to be replaced (under warranty luckily). I guess the element may have shorted out, but they didn't give me specifics about it.
They are replacing the steering wheel, but I have a question regarding it. I started a new post to get the answer:

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