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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Hey Guys - been a while since I posted as I'm slowly getting my P38 project off the ground. But making some progress now so I'll be posting my build thread in the next few days or so which I'm really excited about. But I wanted to reach out quickly to see if anyone is considering starting a headliner/pillar refresh soon and can take advantage of a little mistake that the company I bought mine from made.

So I am going with a grey headliner and ordered the microsuede/"Alcantara" material online from Headliner Magic (they seem to be the leader in the market online) - and I wanted to darker 'Charcoal' grey that they offer, however I was sent the medium grey (that they also called 'charcoal'...so that's not confusing or anything. "yeah, we have 2 charcoals, sorry about that" lol wtf). Still a great color and would look fantastic, but I really had my eyes set on a darker charcoal to go with the other changes I'm making to the interior. The roll measures 5ft by 15ft, I ordered more than I'd need just in case I screwed up a bunch or wanted to use it for other applications. It is already foam-backed so it's ready to mount using spray adhesive. The quality looks and feels GREAT. I'll be buying from the same company again without question.

So I wanted to see if anyone would like to use this for their headliner/pillar refresh! Not sure what shipping would cost due to it's size, but I was thinking maybe $80+ shipping? This was about $180 new, so a healthy discount for a fellow P38er :)

Below are some pics - as you can see I only peeled off the top bit of packaging and noticed right away it wasn't the right color - so it's essentially 100% brand new and never opened/unrolled.

Send me a PM if you're interested! Thanks all
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