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Headlamp Washer

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Hi to all. I'm trying to remove the headlamp washer pump from the reservoir on my Classic. It's leaking or I wouldn't bother. Previous owner had the hose plugged off. But anyway, the manual says to remove the two screws and withdraw the pump. Seems it's not as easy as it sounds (what a surprise!). The 2 screws won't come out because whatever is inside the bottle just spins around. Looks like rubber grommets but I assume there's a metal nut in there also. I can't get any pliers in there to hold them. Any experiences from anyone.
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Not sure there are any screws. All the pumps are a push fit into a rubber grommet into the side of the resovoir. Do you mean the resovoir holding down screws?
Definitely 2 screws. The pumps for the windshield and the rear window both push in but the headlamp pump is significantly larger than the others (because its high pressure) and has a plastic u-shaped strap with screws holding it to the bottle. Once the straps/screws are removed than the pump pulls out in similar fashion to the others. I'm going to the hardware store later and see if I can buy long reach pliers to get in there.

Try pulling the whole lot off. I had the same problem as you describe, just got p'd off and went for it :lol:
Yup. I had the whole thing off to start with. After borrowing some long reach pliers from as friend I was able to grab one the nuts inside and remove one screw. I couldn't reach the other one but I was able to flex and twist the clamp out of the way and then pull the pump out. So now I gotta decide whether or not I'm going to fix the leak in it and put it back not working or spend the $70 to replace it. I do like everything to work like it's supposed to.

If it were sensible I could send you one! Got a few in the shed :wink:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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