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2005 HID headlamps <-------edited to add.

After a xenon headlamp stopped functioning, and I received a dash message along the lines of "check low beam":

The dealer said they could not get me in, but that it would be $349 to $1300, depend on what was wrong. I searched here, and talked to the local indy shop. The indy guy said that swapping the bulb would tell me if it was bulb or, most likely, ballast, which was my plan.

One minute to swap bulbs confirmed that it was the bulb. Turn the vehicle and the light switch OFF. The rounded cover on top of the back of the housing clips at the top and tilts out at the top with two tabs at the bottom. Carefully remove the wire connection by 1/8 turn of the connector from the bulb. Then 1/4 turn twist of the plastic retainer. Remove the bulb and DO NOT TOUCH the glass or wire, only the base. The bulb has a index notch on the top. The plastic retainer has a marking "TOP" on, wait for it, the top.

The old part is Phillips 85122 (NOT 85122+); it is a D2S xenon bulb, which appears bluish white (the Osram part and the newer 85122+ are rumored to have a slightly yellower light.) It is a 35W bulb. BUT I CANNOT CONFIRM THE COLOR TEMP OF THE OE PART.

None of the local auto parts stores (Autozone, O'Reilly Auto Parts) had the bulb. They can order the Sylvania/Osram for $125-ish.
Land Rover had the LR part for $329; I did not verify the manufacturer or part number. To their credit, if they had time to do the work, they were only going to charge me $350 installed.
A local BMW dealer had the bulb for $255, but upon inspection, the BMW part was a Osram Xenarc 66040, 4300K bulb (which should be similar to the 85122, but I wasn't willing to chance a color difference)
Nissan has the Phillips 85122 as Nissan part number 26297-9B91A at $188.
If you trust mail order on a part like this, they are generally available for as little as $90 each (although it seems like the Osram bulbs are available for $100/pair - to make sure they match.)

I installed the Nissan part in about a minute and it looks like the light is the same color as the other headlight.


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When I had my P38, I considered retrofitting MKIII headlights into it (I didn't in the end) but I did source all the parts I needed, which means I have a spare left and right hand headlight and a shiny new grill.
The headlights I picked up from Ebay (I took my time) for less than $150 each, shipped. These came with bulbs, ballasts, leveling motors and chip free glass. Best money I ever spent now I have a MKIII.
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