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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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I've just had a look underneath my '04 L322 and noticed fluid dripping from the underside of the transmission oil pan - it is evenly dispersed and dropping from several locations - this doesn't seem right as the trans had just been serviced. The fluid dripping is a clear brownish, with almost a silicone texture - assume this is trans fluid... should i be worried?? Also another leak is coming from further up - there doesn't seem to be anything funny with the day to day driving operation, ... is this maybe a condensation thing?

Also I recently went off-roading and used HDC and the High clearance of the Air suspension - gave it a solid thrashing - and now I'm getting the faults HDC and AIR SUSP. INACTIVE. Neither modes will operate; the air suspension deflates on startup, however the compressors still work, as the vehicle re-levels itself when i turn off the engine, get out and shut the door. Ive done all the computer reset options including fault clearing to no avail; I've bought a replacement relay box for the back as it was overheating - to be installed when i get 5 min.

These may be 2 very separate problems but cant help but wonder if its because I pushed her too hard.

Any help would be much appreciated before I take it to a dealership and get robbed.

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